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CGAA Funding Application Request Form and Funding Policies

posted 26 Apr 2016, 20:58 by Canada GAA   [ updated 26 Apr 2016, 21:07 ]

 Canadian Gaelic Athletic Association HEREIN AFTER referred to as the CGAA Agreement Between

 Division or Club Name: __________________________________________________ HEREIN AFTER referred to as “The Division or Club” 

 CGAA Funding Application Request Form 

 Administered by the CGAA Committee




The Division or Clubs most recent annual financial statement must accompany the Funding Application.


Funding Applications shall be forwarded by email to the CGAA Committee at:


Funding Applications will only be considered when submitted to the CGAA on the Funding Application form template provided by the CGAA.  If you are completing the Funding Application by hand, please print clearly.


1.     Project Name



Example: Choose a name for the project such as “Indoor Gaelic Football Clinic” 



2.     Project Contact (person to contact regarding project details/results)






Club Position/Title







Contact Number




Email Address




3.     Division Club Treasurer (if different from project contact)









Contact Number




Email Address



Note: The Division or Club Treasurer will “Steward Funds” to ensure that Funded Projects meet the objectives and criteria established, and will further ensure that all project expenses and reporting is completed and forwarded to the CGAA in a timely manner and or, on the demand of the CGAA.



4.     Other Project Partners or Sponsors






Contact Number



























5.     Project should include at least one of the following the following criteria, please check the box for all those that apply to your Project.


o Bridge the gap between existing GAA Youth Development programs and Senior GAA games competition. Example; collaborate with other GAA Clubs to strategize and develop ‘junior’ programs/leagues to engage senior youth, and help prepare them for higher level Gaelic Games competition.


o Increase access to Gaelic Games competition by addressing service gaps & barriers to participation with an emphasis on youth and senior youth (15 to 24 year age group).  Example; develop outreach programs via community partners such as High Schools, Colleges and Universities to promote & bring awareness to Gaelic Games.


o Encourage greater social inclusion, volunteerism & GAA community connectedness and engagement for Irish senior communities and/or Canadian youth.  Example; develop intergenerational programs, draw on Irish seniors’ wisdom & life experiences to help build, further develop & promote Gaelic Games.


o Advance Gaelic Games participation for children & youth reflective of the GAA community and, broader Irish community.  Example; collaborate with other Irish groups to market your Youth Development program.


o Promote & bring awareness of Gaelic Games to a broader audience outside of the GAA community and, broader Irish community.  Example; develop a partnership with a local school to increase participation & Club membership.


o Build & strengthen GAA sport volunteerism & leadership through skills development & training.  Example; develop a capacity development plan to meet your Club’s growing needs for sustainability & success.


o Establish new GAA programs for children, youth & senior youth.  Example; promote partnerships & recruitment drives across community agencies to expose youth to an alternative sport’s activity & influence Gaelic Games opportunity.




6.     Project Description:


a)   Give a brief summary of the project (approximately 100-150 words).


















b)     Briefly explain how the project will enhance or improve your GAA club and the lives of GAA members in Canada.


















c)     If applicable, briefly explain the project partner/sponsor role in the development and/or implementation of the project.


















7.     Project Plan:


Provide a step-by-step plan indicating each of the steps in order; specify who will be responsible for each task and provide an estimated time line.







Date Completed

Reserve Monarch Park Arena


John Doe

Feburary 6th 2016



















































Total amount of funding requested from the CGAA for the Project:






8.     Project Plan:


How much money will you require to carry out your Project? Include a detailed budget showing the total costs of the Project and any funds that may come from other sources in addition to the funds you are requesting from the CGAA. Your total expenses must be related to the activities of the Project.  







Revenue Source




Indoor Facility Rental








Promotional Material




Blarney Stone Pub




Goal Posts




Sherway Management




Bibs (100 x $300

Sliotars (50 x $10)





Allied Irish Bank












Total Expenditures








Note: The Project Budget must balance; the expenditures cannot exceed the revenue, and, any funding unspent or that is not used for the purposes of the agreed project, must be refunded to the CGAA.


9.     Project Evaluation Plan:


Who is the target population for your Project e.g. children, youth, schools, other members of the community, (approximately 100 to 150 words).


















Please complete the following table (Expected Outcomes, Indicators and Measurements for your Project)


Outcomes:  What changes do you expect to see in your target population or within your club as a result of your project?

Indicators:  What information will you use to indicate whether you have achieved your outcomes and goals?

Measurements:  How will you collect the information that you need to demonstrate that the indicators have been achieved by your Club?

Example:  Increased numbers participating in Gaelic Games at School & Club levels.


Example:  Success of the project, number of participants, feedback from sponsors & parents.


Example:  By confirming the number of youth registrants on the GAA Servasport on-line registration system (mandatory).








































Signature of Lead Contact Person (page 1)














If you have any questions please contact the CGAA Youth Development Officer, Paula Macfarlane by email at or by phone 613-867-9959

CGAA Funding Policies



·         Applications will be accepted from any active Divisional Committee or Club.


·         Divisional Committee and/or Club applications that address a clearly defined GAA community service gap or issue and reach those with the greatest need for programs.  Funds may be provided for projects that enhance an existing program or for new Divisional and/or Club projects.

·         Priority will be given to projects that effectively address some of the key areas identified in the CGAA objectives as needing continued focus such as children, youth & senior youth development, leadership, volunteerism, Divisional, Club and community involvement.

·         More than one funding application may be submitted in a calendar year.

·         Each project requires a separate and distinct application.


·         Deadline dates and times are listed on the cover page of the application.

·        It is the applicant’s responsibility to adhere to application instructions; including deadline dates and times.

·        Applicants are urged to submit their application well in advance of the posted deadline.

·        The CGAA will NOT accept submissions of incomplete or otherwise delayed applications after the published deadline.


·         All applications and the information provided therein is vetted and confirmed by the CGAA Committee subject to the criteria established by the CGAA, which includes, but is not limited to:

    • the applicant’s financial status,
    • the application content
    • the full completion of the application
    • disclosure of information collected in the funding application will be at the discretion of the CGAA committee.
    • prior to any announcement or the distribution of funds, successful applicants, by way of their project contact, will be notified firstly by telephone and subsequently by email prior to a posting of the applicants name and the amount of funds distributed to the applicant on the CGAA website

DETERMINATION:         Determination for funding eligibility, and amounts paid is at the sole discretion of the CGAA Committee.  

Canada GAA,
26 Apr 2016, 20:58