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Global Games Development Fund - Open Call for Aplications

posted 9 Nov 2015, 12:41 by Canada GAA




Guidelines for Applicants 

  1. Introduction 

Applications are sought from Clubs, Regional/Divisional Boards and Governing Board for funding under the Global Games Development FundThis call for proposals is being issued by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) in conjunction with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.  


In recognition of the fact that tremendous growth has occurred in recent years in the GAA’s International Units it has been agreed to distribute funding to Games Development projects in these areas. The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade through its Emigrant Support Programme (ESP) is partnering with the GAA on this project in recognition of the importance of the GAA in fostering closer links between Irish communities and networks abroad with Ireland.  


This Open Call is seeking applications for funding for projects of a strategic nature. The focus of this open call is on the delivery and promotion of meaningful, developmental, games opportunities 


  1. Objectives and Priorities 

The main objective of the Global Games Development Fund is the provision of meaningful, developmental, games opportunities, which in turn supports Irish communities and fosters a more vibrant sense of Irish identity 


Applicants must also have regard for the objectives of the GAA’s Grassroots to National Programme i.e. 

  • Maximising participation levels; 

  • Optimising performance standards; 

  • Enhancing organisational structures and inputs around training and personal development; 


This call for applications will support projects put forward by the International Units - and constituent bodies thereof - which are of a developmental, games-based nature in the following areas:  


  1. The organisation, delivery and promotion of Developmental Hurling Leagues (Child/Youth/Adult); 

  1. The organisationdelivery and promotion of Developmental Football Leagues (Child/ Youth/Adult); 

  1. The organisation, delivery and promotion of Recreational GAA Games. 


Projects should include a clear strategy for enhancing the sustainability of the activity as well as clear promotional events/opportunities.  


  1. Timetable 

The final date for submission of applications is Friday 11th December 2015. The intention is to inform applicants of the outcome of the selection process in February 2016 


Activities must take place in 2016 


Any funding unspent during 2016 or any funding that is not used for the agreed purposes must be refunded. 


  1. Eligibility 

Applications may be submitted from Clubs, Regional/Divisional Boards and Governing Boards in the following International Units: 

  • Asia  

  • Australasia 

  • Canada 

  • Europe 

  • Middle East 

  • Africa  

  • South America 


Applications from Club and Regional/Divisional Boards must contain a letter of approval from the Governing Board of the respective International Unit.  


Submissions from Clubs, Regional/Divisional Boards and the Governing Boards of the Provincial Council of Britain, New York Board and North American County Board will not be accepted as other GAA/DFAT funding arrangements are already in existence within these regions.  


  1. Budget Available 

The total budget earmarked for funding is approximately €180,000. Subject to applications received, it is proposed to fund one or more projects to the sum of €12,000 in the following geographic areas: 

  • Asia;  

  • Australasia;  

  • Canada;  

  • Europe; 

  • Middle East 

  • Africa; 

  • South America.  


  1. Award Criteria 

Eligible applications/projects will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria: 


  1. Quality of the proposed activities: 

  • The compliance with the combined ESP/GAA objectives of the call for proposals; 

  • The overall coherence of the activity programme; 

  • The quality and innovative character of the proposed outputs; 

  1. Long-lasting impact (sustainability); 

  1. Coherence and cohesion of the project from a Promotional perspective;   

  1. Strength and relevance of the project from a Games Development perspective i.e. the Grassroots to National Programme (GNP); 

  1. Support to the Irish Diaspora in line with the objectives of the Emigrant Support Programme (ESP). 


Applicants must also undertake to provide funding for a minimum of 5% of the overall project costs 


  1. Assessment of Award Criteria 

The Award Criteria outlined above will be assessed as follows 

  • Items (a); (b) and (c) will be assessed on a collaborative basis by the GAA and the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade i.e. both organisations will separately review and assess items (a); (b) and (c) before conducting a joint review in order to reach a joint decision on the outcome of same.  

  • Item (d) will be reviewed and assessed by the GAA only.  

  • Item (e) will be reviewed and assessed by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade only.  

  • As part of the joint review an agreement will be reached on an appropriate outcome under items (a); (b) and (c) and these will be combined with the outcomes from (d) and (e) for an overall assessment of each project. 


Please note that as part of the assessment the views of the relevant Board of the International Unit as well as the relevant Irish Embassy or Consulate will be sought.  


  1. Application Form 

Applicants will be required to submit the Application Form (see below). Only Applications Forms will be processed. No other forms of application will be accepted.  


The completed Application Form is to be submitted via email to John O'Flynn and Caoimhe  Néill - by Friday, 11th December.  

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9 Nov 2015, 12:41
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Canada GAA,
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Canada GAA,
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