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LGFA Permit Insurance 2016

posted 12 Apr 2016, 17:12 by Canada GAA

Permit Insurance 2016


LGFA Players who are travelling to the U.S.A. or Canada for the summer MUST be registered club members in order to receive a Permit to allow them play on a temporary basis with clubs in these areas.  As per Official Guide Rule 111 it is compulsory for all players to obtain appropriate insurance cover before a permit to the U.S.A. or Canada can be granted. 

Players can download a J1 or Non J1 Permit Form on LGFA website link below:  Permits will not be granted after 1st July.


The GAA has a scheme in place which provides adequate cover of which the LGFA can avail.  Permits will NOT be processed unless insurance has been purchased. (Note Persons who take out other Insurance such as J1 Visa providers travel cover need to ensure that cover is provided for injuries sustained whilst playing GAA Ladies Football.  This is not an automatic cover on most Travel covers and the ladies will need to declare they will be playing GAA as part of a team and they may have to pay an additional premium

They must provide details of their Insurance to LGFA with their permit before approval can be granted).


The following are the steps which a players needs to take to purchase the required insurance:

1.    Go to the following link -

2.    Choose 'Worldwide' cover 'Up to 6 months'.

3.    Members of Clubs in the 32 Counties of Ireland can purchase the insurance, please ignore the reference to the Six Counties, which states ‘excluding Northern Ireland’.

4.    Choose the most accurate number of days that you will be staying in North

America/New York/Canada – note clubs cannot play players if their insurance has expired.

5.    Please purchase the 'Standard' cover available as this is the only option acceptable

for permits.

6.    Please read and accept the terms and conditions of the policy and apply for the cover.

7.    Fill in all the required fields in order to obtain your documentation.

8.    Once purchased, the confirmation letter should be submitted along with the Official   

Permit Form to your County Secretary who will submit to LGFA.
     9. Permits will be approved from 1st May 2016 up to and including 1st July 2016 and                             once approved, all Permits will appear on LGFA website


More Information

If you have any queries on the insurance, please contact ACE Travel Insurance on

1800 200 035 or if calling from outside Ireland +353 (0)1 440 1765 and email and use the GAA Travel Sanctions cover as your reference.  If you have queries on your permit please contact me Aislinn Harkin on or by phoning 01 8363156.


LGFA, Croke Park, Dublin 3 Phone : 01 8363156 Fax : 01 8363111

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